Student Sucess Services

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Student Success Services

Students not only require a solid academic program to effectively learn, but they require an atmosphere that provides for their many needs. Vermilion Country School is not only dedicated to providing the best academic opportunities for its students, but to ensure that students' needs in the areas of transportation, health, nutrition and special services are met.

A successful student typically takes personal responsibility for their education. The following are a list of habits and characteristics that help students reach academic success:

  • Is self-driven – does not require close monitoring to stay on task
  • Works about six hours for each school day
  • Follows teacher created schedules on a weekly basis
  • Asks teachers when they have questions
  • Accountable to their parent/guardian

Our staff is student-centered and works diligently for student success.

If you have any questions regarding Student Success Services, please Contact Us.

Special Education

Students in Special Education have a disability and need specialized instruction. A comprehensive evaluation conducted by a team from the school evaluates and identifies these students. For every student who needs Special Education services, the team develops a special document called an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The IEP outlines the unique needs of the student and the specialized goals and objectives that will help the student make educational progress. Parents are a critical partner in every phase of identifying a student for Special Education and in establishing the IEP.

Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services (ADSIS)

The purpose of ADSIS is to provide instruction to assist students who need additional academic or behavioral support to succeed in the general education environment. The goal is to reduce the number of inappropriate referrals to Special Education by providing support early to struggling students.

Each fall, our staff assesses students and reviews student test scores to determine the need for intervention. Those students whose test scores indicate the greatest need for reading or math will be offered the opportunity to participate. In the case that a student qualifies for services, staff will contact parents or guardians to discuss placement and goals.

A student receiving reading and/or math interventions qualifies for 20-30 minutes of instruction in addition to the student’s classroom instruction.

Mental Health Services

Mental health problems are common, affecting one in every five young people. Untreated mental health issues are a significant barrier to learning and educational success. With appropriate identification, evaluation, and treatment, children and adolescents living with mental illness can achieve success in family life, in school, and at work. Vermilion Country School partners with Range Mental Health Center to provide mental health professionals and practitioners at the school, with most of their time involved in direct services including assessment and treatment, as well as teacher consultation, care coordination and school-wide trainings.

This school-linked mental health program sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, works to increase accessibility for children and youth who are uninsured or underinsured; improve clinical and functional outcomes for children and youth with a mental health diagnosis; and improve identification of mental health issues for children and youth.

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