Getting to and from school


Vermilion Country School provides free transportation to students who live in Winton, Ely, Soudan, Tower, Bois Forte Reservation, Eveleth, Gilbert, Embarrass, Virginia, Hoyt Lakes, Aurora, and Biwabik. Transportation cannot be guaranteed to students who enroll after the start of the school year. The order of pick-ups and drop-offs of students is designed to be the most efficient and within the shortest possible time. Students who are first-on in the morning will not necessarily be the first-off in the afternoon if it is a less efficient way to run the route.

In general, the farther students live from school, the longer their bus ride will be. Ride times for students are shorter if buses are kept on main roads and are not sent down every street. Route changes for new students can be more easily accommodated when stops are at corners. Minimizing stops also reduces costs for fuel as well as wear and tear on the buses.

If you have any questions regarding transportation, please Contact Us.

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